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Triumph Spitfire - Sill Replacement

I have completed welding the top part of the outer sill to my Spit. How should the bottom edge be attached. I can't seem to find anything in any of my restoration books that refers to the bottom edge. Can someone please offer some assistance?
Spurgeon Chapman


By attaching the "top" section, I suppose you mean the piece about a foot long which resides behind the bonnet catches, ie just a straight weld.
When I done mine, before i installed the new sill and as I dont posess a spot welder I drilled at approx 1" intervals a 5-6mm hole along the bottom edge of the new sill and across the top (door) edge. Then with my Mig welder and sill in place filled the holes, subsequently tacking the sill to the inner sill at the top and the floorpan at the bottom.

This method is the same as spotwelding, tho you have to grind your welds off flat afterwards.


Thanks Rich. I appreciate the advise.
spurgeon chapman

Eastwood's has a great spot welder for this job.Also Nortern Tools.
ray campbell

This thread was discussed between 19/08/2000 and 07/09/2000

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