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Triumph Spitfire - stalling out

I have a 1980 Spitfire that I've owned since 1982. It drove well for a few years then started stalling out on me when it was at operating temperature driving down the road and no one seems to know what the problem is. I've replaced numerous parts including the entire distributor with no luck. The car will start again after about fifteen minutes. That is until I garaged it and that's where it's been since.
Does anyone out there have any answers?
Bill Smith

Vapour Lock.

Modern low octane fuel much more prone.

Heat shields, to protect the float chambers from the exhaust pipe will help. Many Triumph dealers sell fancy chromed things, but make your own from some alloy sheet, and mount them by sandwiching the base between the carb and the intake manifold.
John D

This thread was discussed on 22/11/2000

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