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Triumph Spitfire - SU Carb's

I'm thinking of installing twin SU's
on my ' 76 Spit 1500. I' ve heard
this is a more "streetable" setup
than Weber's. I also plan on adding
a 4-2-1 exhaust header and dual
exhausts with Super Traps. Is
this a worthwhile plan? Where
can I find used carbs and manifold?

I've got a 77'Spitfie with twin SU's & a 4-2-1 exhaust header with twin exhausts. It certainly is a worthwile plan if you get it set up right. However the noise is defaning and your radio would become obsolete. But saying that it makes it a much more enjoyable ride hustling it down a country lane with the roof down listening to the engine singing.

Try TSI (1-800-543-6648) or Team Triumph. Both of these guys carry the used HS4 intakes that came on the European 1500s.
Thats what I use on my FP 1296.


This thread was discussed between 18/05/2000 and 20/05/2000

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