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Triumph Spitfire - Towing a Spit? Advice please.

Hello all.
I need advice on towing a 79 Spitfire 1500 on a front wheel dolly. I am not a transmission guy. I am told that in MG trannies, there is some sort of shaft or bearing that is splash lubricated when the engine is running and when being towed, spins, but doesnt get lubed because the engine is not running....therefore, the drive shaft must be disconnected, or risk burning up the tranny.(Although, I towed a 75 Midget down from Maine last year, some 400+ miles, with the front wheels on the dolly and the drive shaft connected. This car shows no sign of tranny trouble.)

Is this situation true of the 79 Spitfire tranny too? (no OD) I was also advised that one could put the back wheels of the car on the dolly and tie down the steering wheel, so the front tires are the ones spinning, thereby protecting the tranny. Is that a safe way to tow the vehicle? I bought the car in NJ, and will need to dolly it about 400 miles.

I tow cars all over the place on the dolly, but this will be my first Spit.

Any advice much appreciated.

Chuck Crawford

This thread was discussed on 01/05/2001

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