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Triumph Spitfire - towing a Spitfire

Help please,

Is it possible to tow a Triumph Spitfire using a two wheel dolly. That's the type normally used for front wheel drive cars. Am I correct in thinking that the car could be towed "backwards" with the two front wheels on the ground with the steering wheel tied securely and the two back wheels on the dolly.

Thank you, Harry.
H. Scanlan.

Dollies are used for towing front wheel drive cars because you have to prevent the drive wheels from turning. The exception is the Saturn which has a special something-or-other that permits towing it on all 4 wheels with a rigid tow bar. Other front wheel cars can have a special adapter added to each of the front wheels that allow the wheels to turn without turning the drive shafts back to the gearbox and engine.

You can use a rigid tow bar or a dolly to tow a Spitfire in the forward direction, providing you don't have an overdrive. If the rear wheels turn the driveshaft from the rear, you will not have lubrication in the overdrive because the input shaft normally drives the overdrive pump inside it.

Years ago, I remember that if someone with a TR3A had an overdrive and wanted to tow it forward a long distance, it was normal to remove the driveshaft first.

I don't think I'd feel comfortable about towing a car backwards.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Thanks for the info Don.

I just bought this car on the weekend and ended up driving it home about 150 kilometers. The car ran good and the weather held up. Next day we had more snow.
Thanks again.

1979 MGB / 1981 Spitfire
Harry Scanlan

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