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Triumph Spitfire - twin SU's for 1500 Spit

Bought my first spit a few months ago. would like to replace the single carb with a twin SU set up. Anyone know what other models I can use for doner parts ( rumor has it that mg midgets intake manifolds and carbs fit???
Mitch Smith

Triumph 1500 engines were shared with the 1500 MG Midget, so yes, if an inlet manifold can be sourced from one of these cars then go for it.

What is the second hand parts availability in your part of the world?

Rob Bell

Spitfires and Midgets with the 1500 Triumph motor were imported into North America with a single Stromberg carb. While in the UK the 1500 motor came with twin SU's from the factory. So you can either
try to import a used carb/intake set up from the UK or try to look around locally here in N.A. Apparently
switching to twin SUs makes a big difference. I believe there is a guy in Ottawa who has a few sets of these carbs/intakes for sale.

Aivars Berzins

This thread was discussed on 31/08/2000

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