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Triumph Spitfire - Weird idea that came to me in the middle of the night,,,

I had a strange idea that could get the younger gen interested in classic cars...

Take a common or garden Spitfiren 1500 and drop the Ford Capri 2.8 lump into it... I understand this'll take a lot of modification... But it'd make a hell of a car, right?
Jason Elgood

The 2.8 ford engine is a bit heavy. Better still go for a Rover V8 Vitesse engine with the 5 speed sd1 gearbox. Being all alloy it won't be that much heavier than the all iron four thats being removed. In standard form it produces 190bhp against the Ford's 150bhp. This should give a TVR 350i a fair run for its money. Don't know what you'd do about a final drive / suspension set up though.

Trevor White 65 herald 12/50
t white

I thought about the Ford six because I didn't think the V8 would fit in the Spitfire body... But then, I guess it ain't much different to that guy's V8 Herald.
Jason Elgood

The rover would be better because we should allways remember what Ford stands for...

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Jason Elgood

This thread was discussed between 26/09/2001 and 27/09/2001

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