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Triumph Spitfire - wheels that interchage on 75 spitfire

does anyone know what wheels will fit a 1975 spitfire? I just bought 1 that the wheels won't hold air and need some that will hold air
randal wilson


Randal - Have you tried NASS - "No. Amer. Spitfires" web-site centered in Knoxville Tenn. ?


Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

The answer depends on what you are looking for. The obvious is a wheel off another Spitfire as the bolt hole pattern is the same. If I am remebering correctly, the 1975 was the last year of the 4.5" wide wheel, 76 went to 5" wide. They stayed at that width through the end of production, but there was a change in the outer hole pattern.

The TR7 wheel uses the same bolt pattern is 5.5 wide. You may need to do some playing around if you go to TR7 alloys as the TR7 uses a larger diameter stud than the Spitfire. Perhaps a sleeve in the wheel? Chevrolet Vegas use the same bolt pattern. Several years ago a friend had a set of wiiiidddde (8 or 9" I seem to recall) wheels made for an autocross Spitfire using Vega center sections welded to wider rims.

There are light weight aftermarket wheels such as Panasport. They have a nice little 13 x 5.5" that bolts right on. Available from K-Speed, Paul Spruell, Roadster. Moss sells a 13 x 5 aftermarket from British company, but don't know much about those. If go any rout that takes you into the 5 or 5.5" side realm, suggest that you run 175/70 x 13 tires. A little wider than stock, but rolling circumference difference is very close, on the order of about 0.5% difference. Your standard Smiths/Nisonger instrument error is greater than that, rendering this slight tire rolling circumference difference meaningless. The 185 and 195 section width sizes start getting into more significant speedo error and clearance problems unless you modify bodywork.

Just a correction on the width of a Spitfire wheel. All Spitfires up to 1979 used a 4.5 inch rim (width). They changed to 5 inch midway through the '79 model year and continued this till production ceased.

Have you thought about using inner tubes? My 75 Spit has two wheels with tubes and two without. I have no related tyre or wheel problems with this set up.
Graeme Holland

Dolomite Sprint wheels fit. Uk suppliers have hundreds of those which they sell cheap. Thaey are quite nice alloys

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