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Triumph Spitfire - ZS carb adjust

Could anyone please help me adjust this carb. The strict California emmissions forced me to adjust it a certain way as well as the timing in order for it to pass a smog test to register it. Now that its passed I have two years before I have to do it again. The problem now is that it currently runs like crap and i want to get the maximum amount of performance but without making a mistake that could cause damage to the engine. The Haynes manual I have for it is useless and i cant find any Spitfire chat communities so i could ask Spitfire veterans for help. Any advise and/or information on this subject would be a big help. Thank you so very much.
J Clark


Try the Totally Triumph Network and Paul Tegler's "Teglerizer"

Good bit of Spitfire stuff on both. I seem to recall that the the Totally Triumph Network site is run by a Spitfire fan in the San Diego area.

This thread was discussed between 17/02/2005 and 18/02/2005

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