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Triumph TR3 - !0' Rear Brake Drums

On another thread, Tom, from Nebraska wrote :-

I took a brake drum off the '58 tonight to find both linings separated from the shoes. No wonder that wheel didn't want to turn!
Tom - At 80,350 miles, I was restoring mine and found that the 10" linings are rare. The usual TR suppliers only have linings for the smaller 9" drums.

If you have the larger drums like mine, take the linings to a brake and clutch shop and have new linings bonded to your original brake shoes.

I recently had another set redone for another TR I'm restoring. All 4 cost me $85.00 Canadian Dollars (about UD$65.00). I also took in the drums. They charge $11.00 to turn a drum. I specifically requested that they match the curve or thickness of the new linings to have the correct curve for the drums. This means that they will bed in very soon after re-assembly and will wear evenly.

I now have 78,000 miles on my new linings I had re-done in 1990 and they show no wear yet.

Yes the photo you saw of "TRusty" has over 78,000 miles since 1990. And I still picked up 3rd at TRA and 2nd in class at VTR in concours last summer.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Hi Don,

I'm gonna start asking around about who still does that kind of work around here. It does have 10" drums. TRF has been saying they will have them soon, but who knows? There was a guy relining cores on ebay using kevlar, I think he was charging about $50. I have another set of cores with the same problem, bond broke. Seems like rivets and bonding would be a nice safety feature, but probably won't find anyone willing to do that. I remember the community college having a radius grinder for brake shoes, maybe they would do it?

The rears don't seem to wear much, do they?

The TR looks nice in black w/red. Are you restoring another 3?

My rear brake linings were bonded to the shoes more than 78,000 miles ago. They have almost no wear. The front is where the weight is and the front disc brakes do most of the work. I bought new front caliper linings at 43,000 miles. I'm now up to 158,000 miles on these same front linings. They are about half gone after about 115,000 miles on them. The new brake lining and clutch materials don't last like the good old asbestos ones.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A, TS 27489 LO

Yes I'm restoring TS 81551 L now.
Don Elliott

Sent my shoes to Orange County Brake in Anaheim. $29 plus return shipping. I would have had to drive 75 miles one way to get it done for $45 (probably twice), so should be good. I'll let y'all know if it looks like a good job.

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