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Triumph TR3 - 1960 TR3A lower wishbone Fulcrum pin

1960 TR3A, When new R/H fulcrum pin was welded in place, it was found to be 3/16"-1/4" forward of the original position. All suspension attachments hooked up normal. Will this affect the drivability/alignment ect....?
Terry J. Kleiser

Was it just the pin that was replaced? I would think it would make one side too short, and one too long. But if the arms hooked up ok, like enough threads on the end of one and nut not bottoming on the other, should be fine.

If the whole support thing was welded back on wrong, I could see alignment issues. Your front end guy should give you an honest opinion.

Pin/support brackets were replaced. You are correct about the threads, I have at least one thread protruding thru the rear lock nut and the front nut did not bottom out.. Thank you for your advice.
Terry J. Kleiser

This thread was discussed between 08/11/2006 and 09/11/2006

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