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Triumph TR3 - 63 TR3

I have a 1963 TR3 with correct serial # on plate on firewall(Right Side). My problem is I can't find where they made a 1963. According to this site the last ones were made as 1962 models in Oct. 1962.
Can anyone tell me what I have?
Thanks Jerry

Jerry-I think that cars that weren't sold at the end of the year could be re-titled for the following year.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Yes, as the US cars were so new and different every year, and you could say you have a newer car, they titled the cars by when they were sold, not manufactured. Your 1963 titled TR3 and my 1962 titled TR4 may have been made at near the same time, mine being actually made in 1961. I'm not sure how long they made both models, maybe yours was made after the outcry for more of the "real" sports TR3. Making it newer than my 4, strange, eh?

There's probably a list on the 'net somewhere that tells the commission #'s of the cars and maybe even the month and year. You could get the Heritage Certificate for more details and have a sort of birth certificate.

Your car may have the larger bore of a TR4 and the 4 synchro transmission. I think the later cars, known by some as TR3B, have raised metal under the boot/bonnet hinges. Some of the B's even have no front letters, I've heard.

Should give you some ideas for searching out more answers.

Just to make things confusing... there are two groups of TR3B's. Only the later group have the 4 syncro gearbox and 2138 cc engine, these have a "TCF" prefix comission number. cheers, Bill
w.g cook

DMV declined to fix my mismatch. A 58 titled as a 60.
Ed Wilson


Meaning your title still reads as 1960? Is that a problem?

Ed, maybe it has to do with your proximity to the heart of the bureau. Here in Pendleton, the DMV ladies are used to me bringing in Clausager's and the Moss catalog as proof to get MGB titles changed whichever way I want them to go.
Maybe that isn't so easy with TR-3s, given that finding one of those comparable books for a 3 is near impossible.

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