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Triumph TR3 - Buying A TR3?

I have a chance to purchace a 1957 TR3. It's been owned by the same person since it was new. It's painted a rather ugly shade of metalic blue--no accounting for taste--that was probably popular in the seventies. The interior is a mess from being used as a bedroom by various family pets over the years. It runs fine, the owner drives it occasionally. It's got some rust around the rocker panels and fenders, from spending some of it's time up north. I've never owned a Triumph but have owned 5 MG's and an AH so I am familiar with the Price of Darkness and other foibles of British cars. What I would like to know is what exactly to look for and what kind of problems are common to these cars? What would YOU pay for a car at this level of condition?
I don't plan on doing a complete restoration on it--just repairing obvious bodywork problems, new interior, refinishing it and using it as a weekend, fun car...probably replacing my MGB. My feeling is that old cars like these need to be on the road--not on a trailer waiting for the next show.

Buy the book "How to restore your TR2 - TR3A" at Barnes and Noble. Get all the catalogs from the usual suppliers, Roadster Factory, Moss and British Victoria who also sell MG parts.

If I were you and if you get it for under $10,000, I'd buy it.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Over 78,000 miles since my restoration in 1990 and it's still a 93 point concours car and every day runner.
Don Elliott

Try these books too if you're serious about the car.

Triumph by name, Triumph by nature. Subtitled: The Sidescreen TR Compendium. 287 hardbound pages. TR2-3 production methods, history, documentation, tuning and more. Very comprehensive and fun reading too.

Original TR2,3 Restorers guide for TR 2,3.
Concise guide on what is original and what is not, convenientlty broken down into different areas of the car accompanied by detailed photos. Also has a section on what to look for when buying a TR.

Both books written by Bill Piggott.

Good luck!
Mike G. '56 TR3

Mike Gambordella

This thread was discussed between 24/03/2004 and 26/03/2004

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