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Triumph TR3 - clutch issues

Just got a TR3a project and the clutch seems to be sticking. When I press the pedal it is very stiff but the clutch disengages but takes about 5 seconds for the pedal to come back up fully. I'm thinking there is a return sprin amiss somewhere. Any ideas?
P I Barnes

The first thing to check is rust on the pivot shaft of the clutch pedal. Just penetrating oil/use/oil on that may loosen it. When the clutch is sticking down, can you pull the pedal back with your hand easily? There are springs on the pedals to help pull them back.

It might be the hose that attaches to the slave cylinder is swollen shut. I have had the problem, not as severe as yours, and replacing that fixed it. There is a light spring attached to the lever under the car, but it's mostly for taking up slack/rattles.

Since yours is hard to push in, it could be something like a very dirty and dry sleeve that the throwout bearing slides on, or tight/rusted bushings on the shaft that runs through the bellhousing. But check the easy stuff first. I'm guessing it's the pedal pivot. We welcome new owners, have fun with your new toy.

Thankyou. I'll start where you suggested.
P I Barnes

This thread was discussed between 02/09/2006 and 03/09/2006

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