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Triumph TR3 - Da Brakes

The moment of truth has arrived. It's time to tackle the entire brake system to rebuild the master and slave cylinders, flush out the lines, replace the hoses and replace the seals in the front and rear brakes to convert the whole shebang to silicone. "Scrupulously clean" is the phrase I've heard in reference to the silicone swap.

Before I dive in, can anyone offer a logical and "clean" way to go about this operation? Particularly, what's an orderly way to go about draining the system? Any suggestions for how to flush the lines and brake cylinders cylinders with denatured alcohol? Will the calipers and brake cylinders have to be removed from the vehicle?

Thanks, gents.

Bill Stagg
1960 TR3A, TS67947L
Bill Stagg

If you're going to remove the cylinders to change the seals, you might as well do it first. Most of the fluid will drain out. Then with compressed air, you can blow the rest of the old brake/clutch fluid out. They rent 2 or 5 gallon air compressor tanks which are portable. You fill it up at a gas station, take it home and blow out the lines. Repeat as often as required.

To get the pistons out the front disc brake calipers, you will need this technique. Or take the calipers to the gas station and blow them out there. You will need a pistol type air gun to press up against the end of the fitting to make a good seal. You will want to take two "C" clamps that are large enough to fit over the casting to allow the pistons to move forward but not all the way out. Then loosen the "C" clamps bit by bit till the pistons are almost out. Remove one "C" clamp and the air will pop that piston out. Then wiggle the other one out. If you don't doo this, the air will pop one out easily, then you will find that you can't get the 2nd one out.

You will also neet air to pop out the pistons in the other wheel and master cylinders.

Don Elliott. 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Thanks, Don. Of all the jobs in front of me, wrangling the brakes and changeover to silicone is giving me the greatest apprehension. I have visions of creating leaks where there are none now. But the master cylinders must be addressed, so the time is now.

In we go!

Bill Stagg

This thread was discussed between 25/01/2004 and 27/01/2004

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