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Triumph TR3 - Dry Fuel System

I am rebuilding a 1960 TR3 and have just repaired the fuel tank. The car has not been run for many years, but I have checked all the fuel lines and cleaned the filter and bowl. I still cannot get fuel to flow into the fuel filter. Is there a way to prime the system?
I have had the engine running by feeding the carberators direct. The float bowls are clean and work fine.
John Triska

If your gas tank is ar least half full, the gas should flow by gravity all the way to the fuel pump. Rust from the tank can block the fuel line. If you have one, maybe the "petrol stop-cock" or gas line shut-off valve is closed or gummed up. Turn on the valve.

There should be a 10" length of rubber hose which should be gas resistant from the metal line coming up to the inlet pipe for the fuel pump and filter. Remove this hose and check if it's not gone gummy inside. If so buy a new length for a dollar at Walmart or a NAPA store. While the hose is off, blow compressed air from the front end of the metal fuel line to blow back any crud which may be blocking the line.

Then the gas should flow freely all over your garage floor. CAREFUL !!!

But now the rust and stuff is in the bottom of your gas tank. So, you'll need to remove the gas, then vacuum out all the rust from inside the tank. If the problem comes back, remove the tank, take it to a tank repair shop and pay him $150.00 to "slush" the insides with an epoxy mixed for this to seal the tank from the inside.

My tank was leaking and rusty inside. I had it slushed in 1990 and I've never had a problem in 14 years of driving more than 78,000 miles since that time. My fuel filter stays very clean.

Or you can buy a kit $50.00 from Eastwood in Penn. to slush your tank yourself. Ask them the details how to do it.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott


I had the same problem after restoring my TR4, what i did was to loosen the hose just before the carbs and suck (yes with your mouth) the petrol all the way up. Now there is a kind af vacuum and your fuelpump will do the rest.

good luck

Olaf - Did it work ? Did it clean out the blocked hose or pipe feeding the two carbs ??? Did you get a mouthful of petrol ???

I'm not sure about the TR4 but the original fuel pumps on a TR2 to TR3A have a lever on the bottom of the pump body. You can lean over and pull upwards on this lever trigger with your trigger finger about 10 times and you can manually pump the fuel up to the carbs.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

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