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Triumph TR3 - engine mounts

Is it possible to change the front engine mounts with the engine still in the car? I've done it before with other cars using a jack to raise the engine. I fitted a new rear mount a while ago and now the front of the engine is to low to use the starting handle.
P I Barnes

It might be possible, but you'll have to remove the 4 bolts which hold the mounts to the frame before you can lift the engine. The front 2 are bolts with welded nuts on the bottom. The 2 bolts to the rear where it is darker and less accessible have nuts on the bottom end of the bolts, so you may need someone else to help hold the other end.

Don't forget to re-attach the engine ground cable when you are almost finished.

If you only remove the 2 larger nuts holding the engine to the motor mounts from the top, you cannot lift the engine because the studs are angled towards the center and the engine will wedge on them.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

There are spacer plates of about 1/8" thick (3mm) which can be slid under the mounts to raise the engine without changing the mounting pads. The indication for use of these plates is whether or not the mounting rubber is deteriorating. If the mount is deteriorating, replace it, otherwise, if something else is bent, you can use the spacer plates to raise the engine. Also, if the rediator has been re-cored, the radiator shops are not always good about putting the crank access hole exactly where it should be.
Al Christopher
A. R. Christopher

Thanks all,

Changed the mounts yesterday, and they came out very easily. They were perrished and when change the starting handle works again.
Thank for your help
P I Barnes

I'll bet that before you changed them in that condition, the engine would rock sideways at idle. And I'll bet the air filter for Carb #1 was hitting the inner fender at idle. Now that it's fixed, this won't happen again for another 45 years.
Don Elliott

Don't know. Never had the engine running yet! Should be soon though!
P I Barnes

This thread was discussed between 18/02/2007 and 20/02/2007

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