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Triumph TR3 - Engine Mounts, Fan

Hi guys: Two questions.
1.Before I go to the books, I'm changing engine mounts and wondered if the engine can be jacked up enough to clear the stud w/o disconnecting a lot of other components.

2.Has anyone had any expeience w/ the water pumps from British Frame & Engine? They pump with greater pressure, which should result in better cooling.

While I'm on the subject, something just occured to me the other day while I was looking at the fan. Given that these engines run counter-clockwise (an oddity in itself) the pitch of the fan blades actually results in HOT air from the engine being pushed onto the radiator. It should be drawing air through - not pushing it on. I'm thinking this is a loss of HP at speed. Or am I just missing something.

Just the beginning of winter work...

Mike G. 1956 TR3

Mike Gambordella

Hi Mike - Because the front engine mounts are on a slope, there is all kinds of fiddling that you have to do to change them. Remove the nuts and as you jack the engine up, it goes up vertically and wedges on the studs on the top of the motor mounts. Keep at it - you'll find a way - but it's not straightforward.

Ken's water pumps have been touted as giving more water flow. I hadn't heard about more pressure. The pressure in the system is limited by the rating for the radiator cap you put on. And S-T recommends 4 psi for our TR3A's. All the newer water pumps, including the one I bought for mine in 1987 have a cast iron impeller that is smaller than the original brass impellers. When I noticed this, I had a machine shop turn me a stainless steel shaft and press on the brass impeller. Never had a problem in 82,000 miles over 14 summers.

There are many TR race drivers who overheat (they go all out at 6,000 RPM all the time) and they want to slow down the flow so it takes longer for the coolant to pass through the rad where it then gets more time to cool down again.

Go figure that one out !

I thought the same about the pitch on the fan blades too, but imagine that you are a molecule of air (or a flect of dust) moving through the rad and heading to a fan blade. As the blade rotates, you should move to the rear and out - if the fan is a TR fan and not an after-market one.

Some TR friends have been asking how I'm coping.

I just finished my 3rd Chemo treatment where they attach a bag of intravenous chemo to the permanently installed cathether in my left arm that feeds directly into the heart and then they send me back home where it drains into my system for 4 days. My doctor said this one may be the last chemo treatment for mme and that I should look for a bone marrow transplant donor. Since I have 3 brothers, there is a good probability that 2 may be suitable donors and an excellent chance that at least one of them is a donor.

As for the progress on the TR3A that I've been restoring here for Frank Redmond of Toronto, I was out driving my own TR3A all summer (to the TR races in Virginia and TRA in Ohio) and I had done nothing on the restoration since late April. Then in less that 2 weeks at the end of August when I started to feel tired etc, I had no strength to do anything at all. This bone marrow cancer got into the 3rd stage in late August and "WHAMMO". The first two stages have no symptoms, so I don't know when any of this really started.

So I have "hired" my brother John who is very mechanical, a neighbor from across the street who is an excellent MIG welder as well as being a mechanical type, a friend who has a nice red TR3A and a fourth friend who drops in occasionally (he owns an MG-TC, MGA, MGB and a TR4 plus a TR3A) which he just bought and wants to learn all about it. I compare it to like we're "OVERHAULING" this TR3A in my "MONSTER GARAGE". My garage is like a boys club-house here. But we're not allowed any swearing, cussing, rough stuff or any verbal insults. We are all recently retired and the chemistry is good between us all, I guess it's a guy thing. They all worked with guys and now they feel it's fun to work with guys again. With my garage in the basement just downstairs, I can supervise the progress and I can tell you that with 3 or 4 guys working, it'll go a lot faster. They are getting paid for their time and Frank will get his car finished in months instaed of years. It should be ready for late spring where I'm sure that he will want to show it at TRA. Frank wants it finished in British Racing Green. It'll look good with the red interior. The frame goes for sandblasting next week then for painting, and when it's back and the suspension is on again, we'll fit the tub and body panels which are all ready patched and stripped etc. for final painting hopefully by the end of January or February.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

Don Good luck! And thanks for keeping us posted.
B. Towne

Frank is very lucky to have you and the team on his car. Have you thought of writing a book on the joys of TR ownership and restoration, Don? You can count on the thoughts and prayers of all of us here on the TR BB. Thanks for the update, keep up the good work!

This thread was discussed between 06/12/2004 and 08/12/2004

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