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Triumph TR3 - Engine rebuild

Now that I have my engine pretty much together (less externals such as water pump, manifolds, fuel pump)

I turned it over a couple of times via crank and was wondering about a "squirting sound" I heard. Is that a normal thing? Could it be the oil pump -pumping air at this point (I have not yet added oil)

DO I have a problem? How do I ensure, everything is good to this point (compression check?)


If your plugs are in, I'd say it's compression leaking past the rings.

Would that be a normal thing(pistons, rings and liners are a new kit (MAHLE)

How can I test everything before putting engine back in the car?

Any all suggestions welcme

I think it's a normal sound, but you might want to get someone to actually listen to it for their opinion.

If you have rebuilt the engine as per all the manuals and if you followed the specs., the engine should run just fine once you get it back into the car. Ask at a friendly engine rebuilt shop if they will do a leak-down test for you. Harbor Freight and Eastwood sell them. Snap on has a nice model. This consists of removing the sparkplugs and then testing one cylinder at a time. The leak-down tester is screwed into the sparkplug hole with the piston at the position specified in the instructions. Then you build up pressure in the cylinder and you wait and watch the needle on the pressure gauge as it falls. If it falls too rapidly, there is a lot of leakage past the valves and/or the rings. If it drops, say 5% and holds, then we can say that that cylinder will put out 95% of the power it should when you get it back into the car. I assume that with new rings and new liners (not bedded in yet) you may have more leakage than after you have run the engine for a few hundred miles.
Don Elliott

I'm sorry, looking back at my first post, I didn't help you at all. I "believe" that I have heard that exact sound, it's just air squishing around the oily rings. But I'd hate for you to blame me for a problem. Must be the litigious society we live in that makes me overcautious.

This thread was discussed between 03/04/2006 and 25/04/2006

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