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"wellseal" was used to seal head gaskets, what can be used today,as "Wellseal"is not available anymore.
m goforth

Hi m goforth:
If the surfaces of your head and block are in good shape and flat you should only require a light coating of grease on both sides before tightening down in the bolt sequence shown in your manual.

I have always used Permatex AVIATION Form-A-Gasket (Part No. 3H) available from any auto supply store. It looks like and has the texture of black strap molasses. It comes with a type of brush applicator attached inside the cap. I smear a thin coat of it on each side of the gasket then put in on the studs, put the head into place and tighten down the head nuts.

When you have to take the head off next time, make sure you get all of the residue off. It can be a bit tough to do, but the stuff is worth the $2 or $3 it costs.

When I did my full resoration 12 years ago, I mentioned to Ken Gillanders of "British Frame and Engine in Temple City, Calif. that I used to blow head gaskets regularly, even though I was re-torquing the nuts at per the manual. He told me I needed nuts like he sells to the TR race drivers. Instead of the nut being 1/2" high with 10 threads (1/2 - 20 UNF) inside, these nuts are 7/8" high and have a full 15 or 16 threads to hold the head on. They have been on for 12 years with one removal to put in exhaust valve seat inserts for un-leaded gas and I've never blown a head gasket during that time (67,000 miles).

Ken is at Mention my name.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

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