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Triumph TR3 - Essential Manuals & Resources

Just getting started with my "new" TR3A. I'd love to know what repair and shop manuals are considered essential, and where to get the right versions.

I'm not understaking a fullblown restoration (yet), but I am endeavoring to ensure the bike is roadworthy in short order.

Thanks for all advice,

Bill Stagg
Bill Stagg

Bill - You will need to get the original TR3 Factory workshop manual. I bought mine from Roadster Factory. Then I photocopied every page and put each section or chapter into a 3-hole flex binder to use around the car. I don't care if I smudge these pages, and the original "Red Covered Book" stays new.

I also have the "Spare Parts Catalogue" (It's the British spelling) for "Triumph Sports Car 20, TR2 and 3 Models". This is full of exploded view diagrams and all the part numbers are there, Roadster uses these original factory part numbers but Moss have developed their own numbering system - why ? I don't know - complicates things.

Get on the mail list for the latest parts catalogs from TRF, British Victoria and Moss.

There are good books by Haynes for SU carbs, as well as "Manual for TR3/TR4" and a new book just came out - I saw it at Barnes and Noble "How to restore your TR3A".

Bill Piggott is the author of several Triumph books. You should at least look at "Original Triumph TR2/3/3A".

If you have an overdrive, Roadster Factory also have an original manual from S/T (Standard/Triumph) on "Service Instruction Manual - Overdrive Unit with Electrical Control". Pt # 502274

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 22/10/2002 and 23/10/2002

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