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Triumph TR3 - Exhaust System

My new exhaust system has arrived.
With a dry run on the bench and with pipe flanges as they be, it seems to only fit together one way....small muffler up front, longer one in back, but in all the parts illustrations they seem to be reversed....
Does it matter if they are reversed?
Any suggestions?

To be sure, ask your supplier. The longer one is always up front and the shorter one is at the rear. Are you sure that what you got is for a TR3 or TR3A or TR3B ? It's possible that the design they made it to is not exactly like the original parts.

The TR2s came with only the longer front muffler and a straight through pipe at the rear. Many neighbours complained and S-T replaced the rear straight pipe with what they called a resonator.

When I got my new stainless steel exhaust system in 1990, I found that the oval cannisters were fatter and a bit harder to fit. Also the rear resonator which has a slight bend in the pipe was not enough of a bend. So I took it to a muffler shop and they adjusted the bend to what I wanted so it would fit. It's been on for 16 years (89,000 miles) and is still like new.
Don Elliott

They did send me the wrong headpipe. Sending me another one right away. Maybe the next head pipe will accept the longer one, we'll see.
The wrong pipe only accepted the smaller one, that's why I had to put the larger one in back.
It should be here by the end of the week.
I'll post on how I make out.
Thanks Don.

Well! The new exhaust system is in. It fit, after a lot of banging and colorful words.
The larger "muffler" fit up front, and the smaller "resonator" fit behind that.
Sounds good too.
Thanks guys

Does someone has experience with removing of a broken clutch push rod fork locating pin?

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Thanks, Wim.
Wim Betzel

Sorry, this had to be a new thread. Wim.
Wim Betzel

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