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Triumph TR3 - Finer Points of Gasket Goop

Ok, it's time to start spreading the goop. I've got an oil sump, themostat housing halves, fuel pump, oil pump, water pump, timing chain cover and I forget what else ready to reinstall. I've waited long for this moment to arrive. I've also got the Permatex family of fine gasket goop at my disposal--Sealer #1 (hardening), Sealer #2 (nonhardening), and the Hylomar (attractive blue color). All surfaces are prepped and ready for dressing.

I'm unable to discern the qualitative difference between Permatex #2 and the Hylomar. Can anyone advise which of these gasket goops to is best for the various applications above? Or is it all the same?

After three months of pulling things off and cleaning 'em up, I'm ready to reassemble and get this puppy on the road. It's 70 degrees out there today!

Help me seal the deal...

Bill Stagg
1961 TR3A

Bill Stagg

Bill, several people have recommended the Hylomar to me, which is what I plan on using. The #2 will probably suffice as well, but I wouldn't advise using one which will harden - you might regret it later.
Make sure all your flange surfaces are as flat as possible -this is far more critical than sealant choice. Check the web site forums regarding sealants/flanges.

Oh - gas line. I'm inclined to think your line might be tight since the British cars aren't metric, and 5/16" would be unusually large. Do you have H6 carbs? 1/4" should work. It fit mine ok.

Hope I was of some help. Goop away...
Mike '56 TR3
Mike Gambordella


Thanks for the info. I'll try another brand of gas hose and see how it fits. It was a bear to push this one on the metal pipe leading from the gas tank and the one leading to the fuel pump.

H6 carbs are indeed mounted. Can't wait to learn how to tune those puppies.


Bill Stagg

Hi Bill:
Your gas line from the gas tank to the pump is 5/16" and from the pump to the carbs is 1/4".There should be no problem getting standard 1/4" and 5/16" neoprene gas line at any automotive store.

This thread was discussed between 16/03/2003 and 19/03/2003

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