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Triumph TR3 - front suspension rebuild

I'm rebuilding the front suspension on my tr3a and am having a frustrating time trying to get the front lower wishbone past the droparm nut and on to the fulcrum pin. I'm hoping that someone knows the secret or can pass on some tips that will help get me over this hurdle. I'm also looking for some information on spring compressors. I've checked the local rentals and haven't found one safely suitable for the TR, so I'm going to try making my own. From pictures I know I'll need 5/8" threaded rod, washers and nuts. What I'm not sure of is the material, thickness and dimension of the pad that goes under the spring pan. Any info will be appreciated. Barry

Hi Barry,

I made one from a 2X4. Probably not the recommended material, and of course you're on your own here. But I used big washers between the nut and the wood and had no scary moments. Just cut the board (or aluminum or steel plate) to fit in the recess under there, it's not real critical. Whatever you make, use it gingerly at first, take as few chances as you can. There's a lot of energy there until the pressure is relieved. A floor jack to back you up is a must! Even a chain around the spring wouldn't be a bad idea to keep you from losing and arm or something, I didn't go that far. You'll have to cut a few inches off of a standard threaded rod. The shock bracket on the bottom comes off kinda hard, maybe you're past that already. The steel sleeves on the inside of the lower arms are usually rust welded to the pivot. I just left those on and greased the nylon bushings well. If you take them off, it might be good to use a dremel and carefully cut through them, at least enough to get some rust buster stuff in there. Remember to put the rubber band like things around the nylon washers, not that it will give you a million more miles, but what else are you going to do with them? There's a procedure to tighten the outer lower nuts so they are just free enough and tight enough. Hope this helps, feel free to ask more ?'s

Thanks Tom for the info on the spring compressor and the tips from your experience. I think I'll probably make the compressor plate out of steel, I had a few anxious moments taking them out with a floor jack and I can imagine the damage they can do if anything goes wrong. Actually,the whole job has gone relatively well and I did find the secret to installing the left front lower wishbone, 'preseverance'. Thanks again.

This thread was discussed between 24/05/2004 and 27/05/2004

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