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Triumph TR3 - fuel pump

My tr3a has at some point been fitted with an electric fuel pump. The origonal mechanical pump is still in situ and I was wondering if it is advantageous to have the electrial pump or is it better to return to the origonal.
P I Barnes

Have you checked whether the mechanical pump still works ? If the DPO couldn't fix it, maybe he put in an electric pump. He left the old one in place so the oil wouldn't leak out.

I have most of my original fuel pump still on the car with a new diaphragm kit installed about 70,0000 m iles ago. The pump has about 175,000 miles on it and it works fine. With the original pumps, there is a lever on the bottom and you can use your finger to pull on this lever like a trigger to prime the gas up to the float bowls.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Maybe your electric pump can be left in place for a spare. Or a convenient way to fill the float bowls after sitting a while. I see guys posting on the MG boards about using the common electric pumps with a switch wired in as a spare in case their SU (also electric) quits.

I've had such good luck with the original pumps. I have never rebuilt or replaced one. But kits are only about $20. If yours has the lever on the bottom, rebuild it.

SU carbs accept only up to 4 pounds of fuel pressure, I hear.

Thanks for the advise guys. I think I'll rebuild the origonal pump and remove the electrical on. I guess I was just wondering if the the electrical pump could have been fitted for better performance but if SUs will only 4 pounds this seems unlikely.
P I Barnes

.......if it 'aint broke......

This thread was discussed between 09/01/2007 and 13/01/2007

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