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Triumph TR3 - fuel pump problems

I removed the fuel pump to trouble shoot a problem that turned out to be a blockage near the tank. After re- installing the pump it no longer pumps. I removed the top section and diaphragm and turned the engine over. There is no movement of the rocker arm. I can manually operate the rocker arm and every thing seems normal. It appears that the rocker arm is no longer engaging the cam. Is there some special procedure for installing a fuel pump ? HELP !
Dick North

I've done this job on a 3A and a 4 and never found a problem! Which helps a lot, no doubt!
Assuming the camshaft is okay, the only other possibilities would seem to lie in the assembly of the Link lever and/or the rocker arm. Has part of the rocker arm (or the link lever) broken away so that the pump works with the hand primer, but not with the rocker arm itself, at least at the angles relevant to the camshaft?
Alternatively, is the rocker arm bent? ( I would have expected it to break before bending to any great extent!)
Hope this helps, probably doesn't,
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly

Thanks Paul, I found the the problem. When I installed the diaphram it was hooked up to the bottom of the link which placed the rocker arm under the cam.
Dick North

This thread was discussed between 22/07/2000 and 26/07/2000

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