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Triumph TR3 - Fuel Pump Removal

I'm trying to get a '59 TR3A back on the road, and have a fuel flow problem that I believe is fuel pump-related. I wnat to remove the pump from the block to either rebuild it or replace it, but cannot figure out how to get a wrench or a socket on the rear nut fastening the pump body to the stud protruding from the side of the engine block - there's just not room! Is there a special tool for this purpose, or a special trick (short of pulling the engine!) that someone knows of to get to this nut?
Paul Nodtvedt

Hi Paul:
If you get a 7/16" open end wrench and cut the handle to 31/4" under the head it will work fine.
We TR3 owners have to do the damnedest things.

Thanks for the suggestion. I also got one from Joe Richards (outside this BBS thread) who suggested a 1/4" drive flex socket and short extension. This turned out to be the trick - the short wall height on this socket (no higher than the thickness of the nut)combined with the slenderness of the 1/4" drive extension allowed this rig to clear the pump body and slip right onto the nut, with plenty of room to ratchet. While the sawed off wrench should work too, I think everyone should have one of these flex or swivel sockets for just this job.
Paul Nodtvedt

This thread was discussed between 21/04/2003 and 23/04/2003

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