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Triumph TR3 - Gearbox Chatter

My '61 TR3A has a persistent chatter from the gearbox shift linkage. I have rreplaced the spring at the base of the shift lever but still get the chatter. Anyone have a solution to at least minimise this?

Have you tried some grease in there? Not a perfect solution.

Yes but gives only a marginal improvement.

Sometimes the knob seems to magnify the noise, especially if the knob or insert in it is loose.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Sorry Guys - the knob is not the problem - any other suggestions?

Are we talking about a small annoying noise or a major vibration? It seems like every TR I have owned has had a rattle snake like noise from the shift lever. If there are other TRs in your area, maybe taking a ride in another TR might be helpfull for comparison. If the noise doesn't decrease with the knob removed and the anti-rattle spring&plunger are in place, the other possibilities involve work. Maybe a worn u-joint or bearing in the trans.? Is the noise present in all gears?
BTP Price

I have never had a vibration in the shift lever of my TR3A.

Don Elliott

I also get vibration from the shift lever. If I hold the knob it stops. The noise is annoying. I seem to remember on my first TR (almost 40 years ago) there was a nut on shift lever that the knob could be tightened against and I don't remember the same noise then. If there is a nut, what size is it. I have a TR3B which seems to have a wider diameter threaded shaft. It took a few tries to get a knob that fit.
GG Krafft

Check the condition of the rubber on the rear transmission mount. It's possible that if it has become gummy from grease and oil and if it has settled, maybe the gearbox is rubbing metal on metal.
Don Elliott

Gary-The shift lever on the 4 synchro boxes are threaded 5/16" NC. I think the 3 synchro boxes (straight lever) are larger in dia. with a fine thread and did have a lock nut. My first TR3 (about 43 years ago) had an after market ammco metal knob that became very noisy if it loosened.
Hi Don-Maybe the original rubber/plastic knobs (lovingly described as a fist full of cold oatmeal) don't transmit noise as effectivly as metal knobs or ones with a metal insert.
BTP Price

I have never had the rattling problem in the lever on the 3 non-synch first gear trannys or the 4 synch one on my TR4. I did have a hell of a noise from one tranny that needed needle bearings and a few other parts. Sounds like your top cover needs to come off to inspect everything. When does it make the noise? In a certain gear, idling, clutch in and out? I'm sure you'll find a solution, how about a new rubber boot or another leather boot over the rubber one? That would look nice anyway.


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