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Triumph TR3 - Gearbox/Overdrive Oil

I have noticed that the original workshop manual calls for 30wt oil in the g/box but "Moss catalogue" talks about 90wt in one of the tech. tips. Can anyone clarify as to which is correct please.
Tom Addison

Hi Tom:
I have a copy of the instruction book(drivers manual) sixth edition for TR3 sports cars and it calls for 90 gear oil for temps above 30F and 80wt below 30F.There also was a service bulletin issued changing the oil spec from engine oil to hypoid oil.You should also use GL4 instead of GL5 for reasons of compatability with brass bushings etc.
I hope this helps.

Tom and Chuck

I bought my TR3A brand new in 1958. I always used SAE 30 weight oil (Non-detergent) like it said in the manual for my gearbox with overdrive. I had to rebuild my gearbox at 42,000 miles and again at 80,000 miles when I finished my restoration in 1990. And I always used to pamper it - I would rarely exceed 3,000 RPM.

Ken Gillanders of British Frame and Engine in Temple City, Calif. told me to use Valvoline 20W50 or 20W50 "Racing" if I could find it. I have driven "TRusty" 64,000 miles in 11 summers with this oil. Never had a problem.

Two years ago I drove "Trusty" to TRA in Ohio and back, then to VTR, Portland Oregon and back. Last year to TRA in Baltimore and back, then in August to VTR in Colorado and back.

Never had a gearbox/overdrive problem related to this oil. I change the oil every 3,000 miles and wind it up to 5,000 RPM whenever I feel like it.

Drive them often, hard, and far and they will just go and go !

Don Elliott

Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 11/06/2002 and 21/06/2002

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