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Triumph TR3 - Glovebox quirk

I recieved this e-mail concerning a glovebox quirk and am looking for anyone who can confirm that other cars may have also had the glovebox opening welded shut.

Gentlemen. A question for you. My late 1962 TR3B has the glove box opening professionally filled in.
At first we thought it did not have an opening but once I bent my back and
looked under you could see the opening was there? Also members of the club said
that it must have as all dash panels would have been pressed out in the same
way. I had a word with the previous owner of the car and he said the opening
had always been closed and that even when he bought it from the previous owner
in 1979 they discussed how it had professionally lead filled seams, there is no
suggestion of an opening from the outside. It was suggested to me that as the
factory ran out of parts the hole may have been filled in then . Any thoughts?
David Hunt. Virginia USA ( the only Brit. in Virginia with a TR3 )
Barry Shefner

I have never heard of this. It doesn't mean it never happened. It may have been modified by a previous owner or it may have been shipped from the factory like this.

Since this is about a TR3B, the factory often ran out of parts in the stock bins. A good example relates to the letters on the front apron (valance). When there were no more letters in stock, they shipped the rest of the TR3B's without the letters. When the last cars were shipped and the upholstery was of several different colours, (mix and match) they would spray paint all the pieces with a vinyl paint of one colour.

If they wanted to ship this TR3B and they had no more glove box doors in stock, they may have filled in the opening - just to finish it. If the Comm. No. is a late number for a TR3B, this may have been the case.

The archive historian of the TR Register located in Ditcot, Oxfordshire, England may have a better answer. But remember, the TR3B was a "left-over" car as the new TR4 was the priority in full production. So this detail on the records at the Heritage Center in Gaydon may not have this recorded on the build record.

His name is Bill Piggott. Bill has also written many books on TR's among others. On page 122 of his "Original Triumph TR", Bill reports that between May and December, 1962, the factory shipped over 2800 TR3B's, the last one bearing Comm. No. TCF 2804.

The web-site for the TR Register is

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Don Elliott
Original Owner 1958 TR3A
Montreal, Canada

Don Elliott

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