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Triumph TR3 - Handbrake Linkage Lubrication

I've reinstalled the cables and linkage for my handbrake system. What's the right lubrication for the pin and fork connections back at the compensator and brake backplate levers? Oil or grease?


Bill Stagg
1960 TR3A
Bill Stagg

When I restored my TR3A from 1987 to 1990, I had a local plating shop do what I believe was "cad plating" on a lot of parts like the pins and links for the handbrake system as well as the rods and links for the master cylinders and for the clutch slave cylinder.

Anyway, the plating was silvery in colo(u)r. (We use the "u" a lot in Canada like the Brits.) Unlike "you all" (or the plural "all you all") we in Canada are still related to Great Britain.

I never used any oil or grease on the hand brake links. The cad plating makes the surfaces slippery and during 13 summers, they rarely got wet. If they do get wet, the plating prevents any rusting.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Cad plating as lubricant, eh? Does anyone have experience with the plating system sold by Eastwood? It's battery driven and looks simple enough for plating small parts and hardware.

Technically, Don, them folks what use it never spell out the phrase, "you all." It's more properly "y'all." Your instincts are correct for the pluralization, but it's "all y'all," as in "all y'all get over here and plate up this bucketa bolts."

Bill Stagg

Like the words "tars" and "earl".

As in, "My car has 4 tars and it don't burn no earl."

Don Elliott

This thread was discussed on 31/03/2004

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