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Triumph TR3 - Hesitation in the Turns

It may be partly my imagination, but I'm experiencing some roughness in the engine when I take a right or left hand turn of 90 degrees or so. Once the car is through the turn, acceleration appears normal. Slight turns of 30 degrees or less have no impact.

I've not yet had time to do any tuning to the engine, but I'm wondering if this is a characteristic of the car or perhaps a known trouble spot that can be rectified. By "roughness" I mean that there appears to be an interruption in the carburetion that makes the engine run poorly while making the turn.

Ring any bells?

Thanks, all.

Bill Stagg
1961 TR3A, Comm. #TS67947L

Bill Stagg

Sounds like the "petrol" in your tank is sloshing to the left when you turn right. Is your tank low on fuel ?

Jack up the front end, safely on jack stands and turn the steering wheel a bit at a time, looking at the steering rods under the front. Is something in the steering pulling, pinching or twisting the gas line ?

Check to gas lines up near the carbs. Is the torque of the engine while turning right causing the motor mounts to move resulting in a push, pinch or twist of something ?

Don Elliott 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Bill-I think I would check the carb float level first. Even if the fuel pump was sucking air from a low tank level, I don't think it would affect engine performance immediately-unless you have a fuel injected TR6.

This thread was discussed on 20/11/2002

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