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Triumph TR3 - Intake manifold swap

Has anyone tried the TR4 curved, long runner intake manifold? I can lay my hands on one but am wondering if the longer runners will distort the throttle linkage and will the air cleaners hit the inner fender. It looks like a much more efficient intake.
Steve Crosby

The filter for the front carb will hit the inner wing. We had to modify thinner filters to fit without hitting. Also the power seems to be down because the owner thinks that he's not getting enough air into the carbs with the thinner carbs. I'll send you photos off line.
Don Elliott

Thanks for the email plus pictures Don.
The answer is it's not a bolt in fit. Trimming of the filters is required. My orginal manifold was quite corroded on the head side. The contact area at the gasket was out as much as 1/8 in. This area was filled in with gasket goup. I was able to build up the material surrounding the runnner end with Plastic Metal. I'm hoping that this will hold under the heat of normal use. I thought to toss it in the oven at 300 degrees and see what happens.
I really should get a better manifold. Any ideas?
Steve Crosby

Ask on all the Triumph Forum sites. I'll e-mail you some addresses of people I know in USA who may have one somewhere.
Don Elliott

"They say" that the TR4 intake manifold's advantages can only be realized when you use the TR4 exhaust manifold as well. It in turn requires a different downpipe. Also, the HS6 carbs from the TR4 are supposed to be "better" for reasons I forget right now.
While getting my bodywork done I had the inner fender relieved in case I want to do this conversion. I might do it later, I have the parts, but noted that the float bowl on the rear HS6 is one the rear side of the carb which puts it right in the way of the coolant pipe on the firewall. If you can live with no heater this may be OK as you could just shut off the tap and disconnect the hose, but I would hope for a more elegant solution - whatever that may be.
Note also the linkage to the HS6 carb operates between the carbs from above, which is totally different from the H6 setup on the TR3.
I know some people have done this conversion, but don't know how they overcame these issues.
J. S. Wallace

Jim - I restored a 1961 TR3A for the owner who is from Toronto. He had a special exhaust header and had matched it with an intake from a TR4 so it would all fit. The longer TR4 intake meant that the filter for the front carb would hit the inner fender. But there was no interference between the rear carb abd the water tap or hose for the heater with then carbs that he had on the car. I'll send you a photo off-line.
Don Elliott

Jim - Send me your e-mail address - Don

58tr3a AT videotron DOT ca
Don Elliott

Steve - Did you find one ? Don
Don Elliott

Don - Yes I did. Len Drake of Drakes' British Motors in Kelowna was kind enough to help me out. Thanks Len.
Sorry about the late reply Don. I seem to be missing a month! Was April one of those strange leap-months?
Steve Crosby

This thread was discussed between 09/03/2007 and 11/05/2007

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