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Triumph TR3 - Locks and Keys

My TR3A came with one well-worn key. It fits the ignition just fine, but not the glove box or the trunk. Did these require separate keys originally? The ignition key also turns in the door lock, but the lock doesn't seem to function, i.e., it won't lock.

I understand that "locked" is largely an illusion on these cars, but what was the original configuration of keys to locks, and how best to go about getting it? Can the lock cores be replaced to a common key?


Bill Stagg, 1961 TR3A
Bill Stagg

Bill - They were all the same originally. The ones in my door got corroded inside and haven't worked in 35 years. I had to change the one in my glove box door so it is different.

But you can get them as a kit (all the same) from Roadster Factory. May-be others too.

For security .....

I always close my tonneau cover when I park in public to confuse people. I know this only takes a second with a knife to cut it open, but maybe an Honest Joe Citizen will know he is a thief and not an owner. But before I close it, I put a "club" across the steering wheel and a "crook-hook" hooked behind the clutch pedal up to the yoke in the "Club" on the steering. If I feel, I need more protection, I shut off the brass "Petrol stop-cock" in the fuel line just below the fuel pump. Finally, for an example, when parked in a Motel parking lot all night, I take my huge "Biker chain" with two padlocks and attach my TR3A around the front lower wish-bone (A-frame) to a lamp standard or a secure pipe or post somewhere. I padded the chain not to scratch the paint on the suspension.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott


The folks at TRF said they did not have a set of matching locks, only the individual units, with different keys. I'll check out the other dealers.

If anyone knows if you can have the locks reset to a common key, please let me know.

Tell me more about the "crook hook." Can it be purchased, or did you fabricate it?

Securely yours,

Bill Stagg, 1961 TR3A
Bill Stagg


I spoke too soon. Moss has the complete matching set of locks, and they are on their way to my front door.

Keyless, but not clueless, in Indy...

Bill Stagg, 1961 TR3A
W Stagg

Just a follow up.

I installed the lock set from Moss last night, and I can report that the hardware, finish and fit were all terrific. We'll see how it wears over time.

Now I have not only a brand new "key to the highway," but to the trunk, cubby box and doors as well.

Bill Stagg
1961 TR3A
Bill Stagg

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