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Triumph TR3 - Manual Editions

You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but you can usually conclude a few things from its edition number printed inside.

I recently obtained the blue parts and red service manuals for my 1961 TR3A through The service manual is the "third edition" and the parts manual is the "fourth edition." Are these the best or "right" editions given my commission number of TS67947L?

The books were reasonably priced, look great and best of all they were in stock.

The library grows...

Bill Stagg
1961 TR3A
Bill Stagg

I think we need the title of the service manual to tell. I have a red service manual [Service Instruction Manual] that says it's their third edition, sixth printing - and they added a suppliment for TR3s (part # 502602), so it would have been printed pretty early in the game.
Dennis Nelson

Whatever manuals you have are the best. You have to read them and then decide on a page-to-page basis whether it is correct and/or if it applies to your TR and the problem to be solved.

As with most publications, the 6th edition only means that it is the 6th time they have gone to press - with the same contents as the 1st edition. Addenda can be added but they too may or may not apply to your TR.

They are better than nothing and should be used as the first reference. Then if something still seems to be too complicated, well - there is the BBS.

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 18/12/2002 and 26/12/2002

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