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Triumph TR3 - Master Cylinder Grease

I'm reassembling my master cylinders, and I'm unclear on how and where to use the rubber grease (red) that came with the Girling rebuild kit. Should all rubber parts be coated with grease? Is this the grease to use where the pushrod contacts the piston? Both?

Can't wait to see how this will all hang together when done.

Many thanks.

Bill Stagg
1960 TR3A
Bill Stagg

I never used the grease.

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

I just used the infamous red on the clutch master. I just smeared some on the piston and seal before I put it in the cylinder, then smear some more around the inside. Kinda messy putting in the clip. Makes the washer slide through the little hole in the boot better. You can use some more inside the boot.

I recently put a kit in the brake master in my TR4 without grease and it was stiff. So I smeared some inside, wiggled a bit, smeared some more. It was fine then. I recommend using the grease. I noticed it dissolves in the fluid. I'm trying Valvoline DOT 4 (Synpower or something like that), hope it doesn't attack the seals. If I had pristine paint, I'd use silicone. I squirted some DOT4 around the engine compartment and it makes a great unintentional paint remover.

I don't know how the red grease reacts with silicone fluid so I just smear on a bit of silicone fluid for easier fitting and assembly. I did mine 78,000 miles ago.

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 17/03/2004 and 27/03/2004

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