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Triumph TR3 - Misc. Parts Restoration

Getting ready to restore old misc metal parts on my TR3A. (Support Brackets, wheel hubs, exhaust manifold ect, pitted crome parts, seat frames, ect)

Planning on sandblasting the parts to remove old paint, rust, & pitted Chrome.

Big question is what to do after sandblasting. Seen alot of adds for POR 15 type coatings (i.e. use POR 15 & chassis black paint), but are they really worth the extra cash espicially if I am sandblasting parts clean or would any other type of paint do the trick just as well.

Any type of specific sandblasting media reccomended (glass beads, walnut shells)?

Would appreciate anyone with experience to offer a few tips and experiences.


Have seen ravings about the impermeability of POR15. But I end up brushing or spraying enamel on most things.

Sandblasting uses sand as a media. Media blasting uses other stuff; glass beads, walnut shells, etc. If you sandblast, you will get a pitted finish to some degree on your surface. Media blasting doesn't do that, but it also doesn't take rust.
Choose accordingly.
Once clean though, there is no advantage to using POR-15. Especially if you are going to plate!

This thread was discussed between 15/11/2006 and 18/11/2006

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