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Triumph TR3 - New to the TR3 bbs

Well I did it. I just went ahead and bought myself a wee auto I've been craving for 30 years. I'm the proud owner of TS 72163L. I've been enjoying the company on the TR6 site for a number of years and look forward to the same information and wisdom exchange here.
I'll be needing a book or two. What's recommended?
I'll also need to redo the dash as a PDO has left behind a faded wooden mess. I have a replacement dash and panel, but I'm not sure about the glove box door.
Is there a how-to site? Seats next and later will be the rest of the interior.
Thanks in advance,
Steve C.
Steve Crosby

Steve - Welcome to the TR BBS. Ask all the questions you have right here. There are lots of books on the side-screen TR's. Go to any search engine and type in Triumph books - also Bill Piggott and Graham Robson.

Are you any relation to Sidney ?

I have owned my TR3A from new when I bought it here in Montreal in May 1958.

I'll send yo a photo of my interior to you e-mail address.

Don Elliott
Don Elliott

I have an old Floyd Clymer TR3/4 book, smaller format and very useful info. It has a yellowish tan cover.

The cubby door is plywood with aluminum sheet on the backside, if you want to try to make one. There's a rod to limit opening that goes tru an ovalish hole..ah hell. Try to find a used one.

Count your blessings if your seat spring boxes are in good condition, spray the springs with something to keep rust away. There's horsehair mat and cotton batting to deal with under the seat covers. Pad the pleats to make them puff up a bit (if you're sewing your own covers).

There are some restoration sites, but seeing cars in person is really handy. They're pretty simple cars in most respects. Don't be shy asking questions, we love to save you the troubles we had. You'll probably be saving us a headache later, too.

Having just refinished my dash. Here are a couple of tips that may help.

Do not install the glove box until you have done everything to the center instrument panel. I installed and uninstalled the glove box about six times. Should have fixed the lights in the center panel, dressed the wiring, reversed the ammeter wiring(for negative ground radio, etc.), cleaned all the guages, adjusted and tightened the bonnet bolts, routed the new windscreen washer tubing, and a lot more BEFORE installing the cubby box. Installing the cubby box is NOT easy particularly with that back bracket. Good luck!

Steve, Piggott's book is very helpful and there is a Restoring TR3's book that I also got and was helpful. I remember using that when I did the interior. The original shop manual as well as the Parts manual are also good. I was able to find both on the internet and download them. I restored a TR3B and got lots of very useful info as well as direct responses to my pleas for help on this site. I believe that Don, Tom and hjr as well as others provided helpful suggestions to me. I stripped the dash using a heat gun and a scraper and then recovered it with vinyl from Roadster Factory kit. It was a long and tedious process using a hair dryer to stretch the vinyl and contact cement to attach it. I had the aluminum glove box door and used it as a template to cut the plywood part that is mounted to the aluminum. We look forward to hearing from you.
GG Krafft

Thanks for the replies guys.
I need covered storage for my TR6 while the TR3 is in project mode. I'm not going to bring the 3 home until then. Trouble is, I'm busting to get at it! Mentally I've already finished the dash and am working on the seats. This really is a sickness! But one I'm ok with.
My books are on order and should arrive shortly after Xmas. Then I'll be working on a shelter for the 6. I hope the chinooks hold out until the 3 comes home.
Merry Christmas to all,
Steve Crosby

Merry Christmas!

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