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Triumph TR3 - Part specs

Does anyone know a good source to find specific info on original part colors for tr3's. (i.e. rear diff flat or gloss black)
Am tring to get as close to possible to original on my 59 tr3 restoration.


I painted all my under-body parts gloss black when I did my restoration from 1987 to 1990. In 16 years of concours judging at TRA and VTR, I never lost points because it was glossy and not flat. I believe that they will accept both. Glossy is a lot easier to wipe clean when you want to shine it up before the judging.
Don Elliott

I did my undercarriage in gloss black acrylic enamel with a hardener mixed in, This gives it a "wet look" just painted appearance.
Al Christopher
A. R. Christopher

The last few days, I've removed all the front suspension and every piece is still glossy black after 16 summers of driving 94,000 miles. With a quick wipe on every piece using a rag soaked in varsol (white spirits or paint thinner), it's just as good as it was in 1990.
Don Elliott

Thanks for the tips, Don What did you use to paint your frame and suspension parts that held up so well?

Everything was apart. Each piece was sandblasted, then sprayed with DuPont vinyl wash. primer and Dupont Black Glossy Imron. It was known as "Truck and Aircraft Paint". It was a 2-part mix that took a long time to really cure. Maybe it was because of the way the painter mixed it. But for me it wasn't a problem because it took about 2 years before I was ready to put it on the road. The frame side members are still like new. The body parts under and the exterior surfaces were painted with 2-pack BASF glossy black urethane acrylic and under my fenders still loks like it did 17 years ago. Clean and shiny. I have no clear-coat anywhere on the car. I was the car about 6 times a year. I used wax twice, both times I regretted it.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A TS 27489 LO
Photo taken in 2001 when I took 2nd in my concours class at VTR in Colorado after driving 2,500 miles there with 57,000 miles since the restoration. It now is up to 94,000 miles.
Don Elliott

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