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Triumph TR3 - period switch for driving lights

I am in the process of restoring a 1960 TR3A. I am trying to be as "correct" as possible and use period correct accessories. I have 1960 vintage Lucas fog and driving lamps that I intend to mount on a badge bar. Does anyone know what type of switch was used to control these lamps? Is there a source of NOS switches or does anyone make an authentic reproduction?



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Interstingly the thread right below this one points to, and they show NOS Lucas switches as being available. I don't know that these are the ones that were used for your purpose, but if you can confirm that, there is a source.
J. S. Wallace


My car accessory switches for the added back-up lights, light under the hood, trunk light, and glove box dash light were all operated by 3/4 inch long stainless steel toggle. The switches were installed under the egg shaped OD switch on the left side of the steering wheel and to the right of the heater rehostat switch. I have since eliminated all except the back up lights and trunk light. These were all added on accessories so I'm not sure if they are correct toggles for the period but they are very functional.

1959 TR3A
Harry Ward

According to Bill Piggots "original TR2/3/3A on page 39 the picture shows a right hand drive early TR2 with a great example of how the spot and the fog light have seperate switches. A magnifying glass is needed to see it well. Along with the two individula light switches it shows two other. One I believe is for a mechanics light which used a jack type plug (similar to a stereo head phone jack) and the other would be a reverse light switch. All of these are mounted on a aluminum plate which is fixed to the dash base. Tough to describe but think of it as an L Bracket, upside down with one side flush to the base of the dash. The switches themselves are available through Moss as part# 162-100 at $23 each. They will have a flat side so they can be inserted to the facia only one way and the knobs are plain. The jack is not available through any of the larger suppliers. Once in a while there is one complete set on Ebay. The facia can be made if you are handy and have a good set of tools.

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