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Triumph TR3 - Please Identify This Car!

I would greatly appreciate any ideas or questions that lead to identification of the car I have. Please refer to the web page attached for photos.

The car is an inline four with no easily identifiable badging except the SU carbs. Independent suspension discs up front. Delta 15" wheels. I have no interior, steering wheel or shifter knob. There is no VIN plate but I did find a serial number plate on the drivers side (left) between the block and left front wheel. This plate is on a frame member.

I received it from a friend who has had it in his family garaged for over 30 years. The glass body is in a preliminary stage of restoration. Other than this I know little else. My friends and neighbors have suggested late 50's or early 60's MG or Healey with racing body.
Brian Wargo

Quite a mystery But a good looking car I thought of a Turner when I saw the first photos I believe This low production sports car was based on BMC A series mecanics austin A40 or Austin healy sprite on closer looks it is definitley not an A series engines or gearbox At least unless heavily modified ( there would be no point) I think it is based on a Triumph Standard 8 ensign or pennant running gear The front suspension looks steering box driven, drum brakes lever arm shocks The running gear dates around mid 50s The type of SU carbs and the lack of rack and pinion steering dates it no later I am totally unfamiliar with the early standard/ triumph sallon cars, but know a ford or BMC if I saw one. I am restoring a TR4a, this engine 2157cc was based on the triumph vanguard, a bigger car altogether
dale moore

Looks like a Devin Monza body built for a very small car, note flares to clear wheels & tires.
The engine and I believe the Trans. , rear axle and front suspension (inc. X member) is a late '50s Volvo, probably out of a '58 thru '62 PV 444 or 544.
The engine originally had 1600 cc's and was called a B16B. In stock form it had 85 hp and was pretty quick in a light car.
Ought to be an interesting restoration project.
Doug Ross
Doug Ross

This thread was discussed between 05/02/2001 and 14/05/2001

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