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Triumph TR3 - Push Rod Tube Leaking Oil

I have a 1959 TR3A. The pushrod tubes are leaking oil. I would like to replace them. Could anyone give me some tips on how to do this. Thanks Scott
Scott Feldman

Scott - If you have to pull the head off to do a valve job, the tubes can be sealed at the same time. The shop that does the valves and skims the head will have some suggestions. I think they are flared into the holes. If your TR head has never been modified for use with un-leaded gas, you will need to have that done sooner or later. That consists of pulling the head, and having the repair shop who does all the other things as above also bore out the head around the exhaust valves and put in inserts - so the valves and valve seats will not burn with un-leaded. I had mine done 18,000 miles ago and never had any valve problems since.

If the oil leaks are at the top of the tubes, Pull off the valve cover, clean all the oil etc. carefully from around the tube ends that you can see where the push-rods are coming up. Then put on some sealant such at Loctite or silicone sealant, let it cure and put it back together.

If (or as well) it's leaking at the bottom of the tubes, clean it as above and apply the same sealant, let it cure, and test it hot.

Let us know which way you go and how it works.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Thanks Don, the sealant idea worked. I used RTV Red sealant at the top of the Pushrod tubes and at the bottom. so far so good I see no leaks at all. Thanks again for the tip.
Scott Feldman

This thread was discussed between 23/09/2002 and 30/09/2002

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