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Triumph TR3 - Removal of Manifold?

I am attempting to remove my manifold and am having some difficulty. I have the four nuts and clamps off as well as the nut from the inlet manifold to the exhaust manifold. It has loosened just a little, but I cannot remove the inlet manifold. Do I need to remove the exhaust manifold to remove the inlet manifold?

Russ Austin

The exhaust and intake manifolds are separate pieces. In fact on my engine right now, the exhaust manifold is in place and the intake is in the basement.
J. S. Wallace

It's been a long time since I removed mine, so can't remember details. Maybe the gasket is just sticking. Leverage, wedges, wiggling, cussing. Don't mess up the mating surfaces.

This thread was discussed between 13/05/2005 and 25/05/2005

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