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Triumph TR3 - right hand drive conversion

Hello everyone,
I am new to this site, and yes a little bit new to TR's not Triumphs though. My little bit of knowledge comes from help my father restore our 75 Spitfire and our 73 GT6. That and from his stories. And well as my mother says like father like son. The Love for Triumphs is in me. Since I was 14 I knew I wanted to get A TR3 when i saw one at a car show in Carisle PA. Yes you guess at the age of 21 I got one. A 58 TR3A I was able to the frame up restore one her before i had to leave. Now i keep tossing the idea of converting it to right-hand drive. If you don't mind give me some advice or tips i would appreciate it. Thanks

Bryan Berlew
Bryan Berlew II

You would need a RHD dash-board c/w a RHD glove box door covered with matching vinyl. Plus a RHD steering box. The wipers would need to have the existing stop rotated about a half a turn so the wipers park down to the right instead of down to the left. The parking brake stays the same.

The suspending assy that supports the brake and clutch pedals needs to be for a RHD TR. The gas pedal and its linkage is different. The dimmer switch needs to be mounted beween the handbrake arm and the firewall, perhaps on the RHS of the tunnel for the gearbox.

You would have to let your mustache grow longer and learn to say such words as "posh", "Oh! I say!", as well as "You're frightfully right".

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

This thread was discussed on 04/11/2004

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