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Triumph TR3 - Starter squeal

I started the 58 the other day and once it made a squealing sound. I tried it again and it worked fine. I think it came from the starter, and if I remember right, the engine didn't turn. Is there a clutch in the drive mechanism that should be replaced? The starter hasn't turned in many years, I did put some oil on the shaft end before trying it, don't know how well it soaked in. Just wondering if anyone else with an early bomb type starter (enclosed gear)has heard this noise, and if it's the sign of parts replacement. I don't plan on using the car for a while yet, so it's not an emergency. I do have another starter of the same type, hopefully with no squeal.

Tom - It sounds to me that you needed more oil on the bushings. It may have been idle for 2 years, but it might have been oiled only 10 years before that.

I'd give it a periodic start - say once a week for 6 weeks and if the squeak is still there, you'll have to pull it out to look at it all.

There is no clutch in the starter - or to the pinion gear that spins out.

It may have been the fan belt. Spray some aerosol "belt dressing" on the belt while it's running and check it every week when you try starting the starter.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Thanks, Don.

This thread was discussed between 20/08/2004 and 23/08/2004

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