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Triumph TR3 - Stiff Steering

I purchase my 59 over a year ago and haven't do anything with it yet. When I went to move it into storage in the fall the steering was extremely stiff (two hands and a lot of grunting) What has seizes or starting to seize to make the steering that stiff?

the stiff steering can be caused by almost any component in the system. To isolate the problem, first, loosen the locknuts on the tie rods & remove them. Then, try the steeering. If it is stiff, then it's the steering box or the idler. If so, separate the "silentbloc" on the idler. Try again. Stiff, it's the steering box. Not so, the idler. (Check workshop manual on servicing each. If the problem not in the box or idler, its at a wheel. Jack up the front end & try to move the wheel. If one--or both--is stiff, the problem is in a frozen ball joint on in the trunnion/vertical unit union. (My bet is on the latter--a brass to steel threaded fit.) If so, it calls for a suspension rebuild. Use heat from a torch to loosen the trunion screwed connection. Or, if its the ball joint, try lubing it. If still frozen, it's probably time for new ball joints. (Oh, don't forget to check the tie rod ends for free movement, too.)Good luck.
Dick Eslinger

This thread was discussed between 15/03/2000 and 26/04/2000

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