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Triumph TR3 - Throwout bearing

I have a Gunst Throw Out bearing and sleeve that I purchased for my TR6. I sold the six a few weeks ago. I never did install the new bearing. Bought it for when the old one would start to screech.

I have the A type OD sitting in the workshop ready for install in the TR3. Could I use the Gunst set up on this OD for the TR3? The OD numbers are 22/61985.
Robert Gannon

Robert-The TR2-4 used a different clutch than the TR4A-6 and the release bearing is different. I don't think they can be interchanged. If you have a Moss catalog, the difference in the pressure plates is shown.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Thank you for that information. I did compare the pressure plates and as you state, they are different. Well so much for that idea.
Robert L. Gannon

This thread was discussed between 07/11/2004 and 09/11/2004

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