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Triumph TR3 - TR-3A info

Which books are the best for reminding one of what originally came with the TR-3? Ie, carpet style, etc.
I called my old boss from the 70's and asked him what style carpet he remembered and said loop, which is what I remember also, but as he pointed out, by the time those cars got to us, they were pretty thrashed. Moss tech maintains that cut pile would be correct. Hmm. Hence, the need for quality reference books.
I would also like to know what interior schemes match a powder blue, pale yellow, and Silverstone Grey exterior.

Original Triumph TR2/3/3A by Bill Piggott was a very useful reference while I restored a TR3B. I used it frequently on issues of originality. While I had a 1960 TR3A in my teenage years, it was too long ago for me to remember all of the details. I recently acquired a MG TD (still have the TR) and I would like to find a copy of the Original MG T Series book for the same purpose. Have fun with your project.
GG Krafft

Chris - The early TR's had cut pile and some point they switched to loop pile. It depends on your Commission Number. The book Gary mentions would explain it, but it's out of print and is not available. However Bill Piggott reports that it will be re-published, but this time in soft cover.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A (Photo taken in 2001 when I drove from Montreal to VTR in Colorado)
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed on 22/10/2005

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