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Triumph TR3 - tr 3a steering stop locks

i am rebuilding the front steering and suspension on my 59 tr3a.
in order to adjust the steering stop lock on the lower trunnion,is it best to make the adjustment with the
center tie rod disconnected? i have not connected the center tie rod yet.
when the car is road ready i will take it to have the
front end aligned.

The way I did mine was to measure the tie-rod lengths (center to center) with the new tie rod ends installed and tightened as per the TR manual. This dimension is given in Section "G" on pages 3 and 6 as 7.68" center to center. I also verified that my Center Tie Rod was 19.44". In over 163,000 miles I have never had a professional or commercial shop adjust the alignment.

I did it like this myself as I finished my full restoration in 1990. In 1990, I put on new Michelin tyres, and I drove 53,000 miles with them - then with Kelly - Springfields, I did another 33,000 miles.

I have just put in new 15" Vredesteins.

As for the eccentric lock poition, I lift the front end of the car with these loose. Then I turn the sreering wheel to an extreme inwards point then I spin the wheel and verify that nothing rubs on the frame or anything else. Then I set the cam by rotating it and tighten the bolt. I repeat for the other side. These are to keep you tyres etc. from rubbing on anything when in the extreme lock positions.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A, Montreal, Canada
Don Elliott

thanks for your quick reply.
i can now proceed with the assembly of the front end,
as in the past you have been a great help.

I have never had a TR3 or TR4 aligned by a pro either. All you can adjust is the toe-in (1/8" or less, measured at the road side of the tire), but I did talk to a guy who made eccentric inner bushings to adjust camber. I have fun playing around with toe-in (at least a few times) after I change something in the front end, always ending up with what feels right for me. I have never changed the eccentrics from whatever they were when I received the cars. Enjoy your car!

thanks for your reply,with you,don and my tr manuel
maybe i won't need a alienment shop either.

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