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Triumph TR3 - TR3 fuel pump &starter

I'm currently working on a '59 TR3 in a '53 Morgan, and have 2 issues I need some expert guidance on. The data/instruction sheet with the new fuel pump warned against installing the pump without the insulator. What insulator? There wasn't one on the car and the studs aren't long enough to allow for any more space. Also, how do I be absolutely sure I get the pump lever UNDER the cam lobe. It feels like it could go either way, or is that just my imagination?

Second; when you push the start button, the solenoid clicks, and you can hear the starter motor turning inside the housing, but it doesn't engage the flywheel. I pulled the starter and the gear rotates out freely and turns the motor when you rotate it backwards. The battery shows 12.2 V. on the multimeter.

Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
R.L. Bewick

This thread was discussed on 27/07/2010

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